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28th September
written by Splash

One way no Kagi
Release Date: 2011/09/28


Sugiyama Noriaki 杉山紀彰
Nojima Hirofumi 野島裕史
Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉

1. 杉山紀彰×野島裕史
Sugiyama Noriaki x Nojima Hirofumi
2. 鈴木達央×羽多野渉
Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Hatano Wataru

Manga/Novel: Manga
Author: Umematsu Machie (梅松町江)
Company: FIFTH Avenue

Rate: 9/10
H Rate: 8/10
Blab: Fff one of the better ones I’ve heard lately. First there was nothing to really set me off (lately I’ve been feeling chemistry OCCASIONALLY only to have it ruined by the character smoking or shit >_>). And no outward “normal” plot to turn the CDs into filler, just pure relationship goodness. So yes, there were actual characterizations and good personal talks. and kotobazeme.

AND THE CAST, mmth. /love

20th May
written by Splash

Koi no Kokoro ni Kuroi Hane (Mind of the love where the dark feather grows)
Released: 2008/12/25
Listened: 5/20/11

Summary: A series of one-shots with a focus on how people around the protagonists deal with knowing someone who’s homosexual, rather than the gay relationship itself. The subject matter ranges from schoolboy love (one with unexpected results and one that’s more traditional of the genre) to coming out to your family. What could be more awesome than quoting gay literature at the object of your desires, anyway? (from Vices and Devices)

「好き」という純粋な気持ちと、 それを覆う汚れた性癖。
「イッツマイチョコレート!」「その火をこえ てこい」
「FOOL 4 U」の3編も収録!

「イッツマイチョコレート!」: “It’s My Chocolate!”
高知実: Sugiyama Noriaki 杉山紀彰
阪下: Mizushima Takahiro 水島大宙

「恋の心に黒い羽」: “Koi no Kokoro ni Kuroi Hane”
二神: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔
中頭: Taniyama Kishou 谷山紀章
瓜谷: Takagi Wataru 高木渉

「その火をこえてこい」: “Sono Hi wo Koete Koi”
鹿目: Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
六条: Kakihara Tetsuya 柿原徹也

「FOOL 4 U」: “Fool 4 U”
充夫: Sugita Tomokazu杉田智和
結: Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二

1. 谷山紀章 x 平川大輔
Taniyama Kishou x Hirakawa Daisuke
2. 鈴木達央 x 柿原徹也
Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Kakihara Tetsuya
3. 杉田智和 x 遊佐浩二
Sugita Tomokazu x Yusa Kouji

Rate: 7/10
H Rate: It had bits here and there but nothing really graphic. Like a rated R movie.
The first story with Sugiyama had Sugiyama and Mizushima already going out, but it was more about Sugiyama’s huge family and his struggles with coming out to them. Lalala~ The rest is just as the description goes.
Free talk: Tattsun admitting he’s the type who’ll probably start thinking about a girl if they’re the one to confess XD;