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8th January
written by Splash

Nanasaki Ryosuke 七崎良輔 / Cho

Blab: I’m not giving this a rating because it’s a bibliographic essay rather than fiction… so it feels awkward to “rate” someone’s real life experiences??

I read this all in one long sitting, not long after the publish date on June 21, 2022 though I can’t find my Twitter post about it because the Media tab is trash these days.

It’s a relatively simple piece with some good anecdotes I can relate to, growing up with my own questions about sexuality and my circle of friends being mostly gay or bisexual… I found it quite memorable overall. I have a big appreciation for the writing style it uses, and it’s something I’d certainly recommend to anyone who would like to give some support to the real life scene.

I enjoyed it enough to buy the novel in JP, as well as the manga version created from it (also in JP)! I’ve read the manga, but only skimmed through the JP novel… it’s something I intend to read more carefully at a much later point of time when I want to enjoy the piece again.

Novel at Amazon
Novel (JP)
Manga (JP)

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