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Just so I don’t completely forget about which BL Dramas I’ve listened to already ._.~

I’m currently lacking a bunch of entries for my seiyuu sprees before I started this blog, mostly involving Fukuyama Jun and Kamiya Hiroshi blcds. I’ll get to them eventually, I hope.
I’ve also been adding some general seiyuu stuff lately, if I find it worth putting up~

I seem to be pretty lenient on my ratings though, which isn’t good for my memory…
For now I’ll just say anything 7 and 8 were okay to listen to once or so. Anything 9 and 10, I will probably keep around.~ 6 probably means the story didn’t stand out to me whatsoever.
Anything below means I probably had a certain issue or two with it…

Adding H Ratings too, similar to the overall ratings. Probably a little pickier on those, not sure. If there’s no H at all, just a “N/A” will do.~

These forums are made of awesomesticks~ Hibiki

Self-track on radio shows:
DGS: 124
Dolce compagni: 4/9
Kuranoa: 50 (end)
Radio Misty: 99 (end) … TwT;; saigo no
Macross F: 8

I run this blog in tandem with my general gaming blog Majinken!, but I’ve set this one to not show up in google results because of casual discussion of adult material and for the hits experimentation. XD; Apparently search engine hits comprise 90% of the hits!
As of October 7, 2012, I’ve opened this site up to search engines.~ I’ll be organizing this “About” page more when I get time to think it through too.

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