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24th April
written by Splash

Kimi ga Suki datta
凪良ゆう, 宝井 理人
Nagira Yuu (novel), Takarai Rihito (art)

Rate: 6/10
H Rate: 8/10
Blab: Yep, another one for Takarai Rihito’s art. For the heft price of the book (1400 yen) I was expecting more… But it’s actually a bit sparse on illustrations, and there’s a lot of filler-like dialogue especially in the second half. Don’t really agree with the single AmazonJP review I read that says the 2nd half is easier to read and more interesting. I didn’t find the drama in general all that interesting.

Seme = Takara
Uke = Mayama (Maya-chan-senpai)
3rd Wheel = Suwa

The first half focuses completely on the love triangle, and at least here I match up with that reviewer. At the end of it all, my response was “Ehh…” I felt for the main couple. It’s just the 3rd wheel in the pairing was SO unlikeable, it didn’t settle well with me.

The bottom-line for this book is that the uke was honestly a bit dimwitted to stay in such an unhealthy relationship all through those highschool days. Don’t really care that he was still young, his judgment was clouded, whatever. It was still pretty… modokashii.

In the second half, the 3rd wheel comes back and as predicted, tries to hook up again with uke. It panned out like I predicted as well, and 3rd wheel tries to redeem himself, knowing that uke is with seme, and acknowledging that seme is better for uke… even with the possibility of seme getting into an arranged marriage. And of course even the arranged marriage is all a misunderstanding. Mehhh.

So yeah, lots of predictable happenings. I say the book is worth about half the price. I wonder if the price was jacked up because of the pretty cover and fancy binding. But imo the binding sucks, you can’t even open the book properly because of the way it’s binded.

At least the H scenes were kind of nice XD;;


16th April
written by Splash

Yandere BLack ~Shinsei Gakuen Geino Kareshi Hen~
Released: 04/05/2013
Listened: 4/15/2013



しかも、誉はまだ光祥と別れてないと言い出して ――


今カレ 秋月叶汰 : 野島裕史 Nojima Hirofumi
主人公 深谷光祥 : 逢坂良太 Ohsaka Ryouta
元カレ 北折誉 : 樋口智透 Higuchi Tomoyuki

野島裕史 x 逢坂良太
Nojima Hirofumi x Ohsaka Ryouta
樋口智透 x 逢坂良太
Higuchi Tomoyuki x Ohsaka Ryouta

Manga/Novel:Original Drama cd

H Rate:
Blab: Nice BGM~