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9th June
written by Splash

Tales of Festival (テイルズ オブ フェスティバル) is a series of live events that act as celebrations of the Tales series. They take place annually, usually at Yokohama Arena. In recent years, due to the pandemic, they’ve been happening towards the end of the year (December), rather than in the summer (June)–although for 2023 it looks like they’re back to summer, and they’re skipping 2022.

I recently managed to snag a bunch of the BDs and currently have these:
2013 (1700)
2014 (2500)
2015 (2700)
2016 (3900)
2017 (3400)
2019 (3900)

Will be on the lookout for 2018 and the recent ones 2020+, but they are not high priority atm??

I’ve probably watched a number of the older 2000s ones but don’t remember too much out of them, if I still have them on my hard drives somewhere I might give them another watch.

2013 – Miyano Mamoru and Toriumi Kousuke together, it’s going to hard to top this one already lol.





Day 1: Secret guest Horiuchi Kenyuu (Artorius), to go along with Rina Satou’s Velvet.
Day 2: Secret guest Koyama Rikiya (Duke). Bonnie Pink almost named her child (two years old) Yuri. Lol
Day 2 disc had an extra for a Tales of Tour thing were Zelos/Lloyd/Rita/Raven seiyuu went on a tour around Ishigaki/Okinawa. Cute!


  1. Lina

    I read somewhere that there was a Tales of Festival that Toriumi and Miyano said “I love you” to each other. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched most of them but now I’m looking for this like crazy lol, which was what lead me to this post in the first place. Do you have any idea which one it’d be?

  2. 11/08/2022

    Oh no, I feel like I would’ve remembered if they had said it in the 2013 one when they were together, since Mamo rarely comes out to them XD Aghh I might have to rewatch it already lol!! Also a vague possibility it was in the Vesperia anniversary event too (which I’ll probably lump into this post later, after I give that a rewatch too?? haha)

    Meanwhile I might as well confess here my main motivation to get these started from when someone said this Toriumi moment happened in a talesfes and I’ve been hunting it and haven’t found where yet! XD;;;

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