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24th April
written by Splash

Corn Soup ga Ochitekite
Written by: Matsumae Yuri
Illustrated by: Takarai Rihito

Rate: 8/10
Blab: I picked this up for a random BL novel exploration and wanting to see more of Takarai Rihito’s nice art after re-reading Seven Days (and this title in particular because WHAT these characters look so much like the Seven Days couple, but their personalities are really different).~ It was pretty easy to get into and read through. It read like a long slice-of-life high school setting fic I would read for my favorite fan pairings XD; While it didn’t do anything AMAZING to my heart, I still felt some heart-throb and had a good time reading this piece. Wouldn’t mind seeing this one get a CD Drama some day, although I guess it’s not likely? /cry

8th April
written by Splash

Chiisana Koi no Melody
Release Date: 03/25/2011
Listened: 4/8/11



奥村栄司: Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野裕行
中沢巽:Mizushima Takahiro 水島大宙
脇野: Yasumura Makoto 保村真
奥村喜一郎: Ookawa Toru 大川透

1. 水島大宙×吉野裕行
Mizushima Takahiro x Yoshino Hiroyuki

Rate: 8/10
H Rate: 7/10. Typical fadeouts before they REALLY get into it.
Blab: This drama is very excellent on deeper voice Yocchin monologue. The way I like it \o/
And Mizushima’s seme was very interesting in this piece. Mm /drool
My rating edges REALLLLY close to 9. There were minor things that put me off like obviously recycled BGMs and fizzed out karami scenes, and the entire flow of the story. XD; None of it on the fault of the cast though.