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8th January
written by Splash

Nanasaki Ryosuke 七崎良輔 / Cho

Blab: I’m not giving this a rating because it’s a bibliographic essay rather than fiction… so it feels awkward to “rate” someone’s real life experiences??

I read this all in one long sitting, not long after the publish date on June 21, 2022 though I can’t find my Twitter post about it because the Media tab is trash these days.

It’s a relatively simple piece with some good anecdotes I can relate to, growing up with my own questions about sexuality and my circle of friends being mostly gay or bisexual… I found it quite memorable overall. I have a big appreciation for the writing style it uses, and it’s something I’d certainly recommend to anyone who would like to give some support to the real life scene.

I enjoyed it enough to buy the novel in JP, as well as the manga version created from it (also in JP)! I’ve read the manga, but only skimmed through the JP novel… it’s something I intend to read more carefully at a much later point of time when I want to enjoy the piece again.

Novel at Amazon
Novel (JP)
Manga (JP)

9th June
written by Splash

Tales of Festival (テイルズ オブ フェスティバル) is a series of live events that act as celebrations of the Tales series. They take place annually, usually at Yokohama Arena. In recent years, due to the pandemic, they’ve been happening towards the end of the year (December), rather than in the summer (June)–although for 2023 it looks like they’re back to summer, and they’re skipping 2022.

I recently managed to snag a bunch of the BDs and currently have these:
2013 (1700)
2014 (2500)
2015 (2700)
2016 (3900)
2017 (3400)
2019 (3900)

Will be on the lookout for 2018 and the recent ones 2020+, but they are not high priority atm??

I’ve probably watched a number of the older 2000s ones but don’t remember too much out of them, if I still have them on my hard drives somewhere I might give them another watch.

2013 – Miyano Mamoru and Toriumi Kousuke together, it’s going to hard to top this one already lol.





Day 1: Secret guest Horiuchi Kenyuu (Artorius), to go along with Rina Satou’s Velvet.
Day 2: Secret guest Koyama Rikiya (Duke). Bonnie Pink almost named her child (two years old) Yuri. Lol
Day 2 disc had an extra for a Tales of Tour thing were Zelos/Lloyd/Rita/Raven seiyuu went on a tour around Ishigaki/Okinawa. Cute!

18th January
written by Splash

テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 80-91 Limited

1. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 80 Limited
The guild is low on funds, so they pick up some part-time work at the beach. Flynn shows up and gets sus cuz the gang doesn’t have a special permit to sell on the beach. Yuri complains about Flynn wearing armor at the beach. Giant octopus shows up, the gang saves the day and cook it up to make more food. Flynn gives Yuri a temporary permit after they beat up the octopus. What a good boyfriend.
Raven goes around drinking out their paychecks and causing other trouble.

2. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 81 Limited
Karol feels inferior as the guild’s boss, so he tries to take on a bunch of requests on his own. The rest of the gang help out in secret. Secret’s out by the end of the farce obviously, but everyone learns a good lesson.

3. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 82 Limited
Rita gets super pissed off at Raven for getting in her way while she’s studying a Blastia. The Blastia drops into the stew they’re eating and explodes. The explosion causes everyone to switch bodies (except Repede).
Original -> The body they got switched into
Raven -> Yuri
Yuri -> Karol
Karol -> Raven
Patty -> Judith
Estelle -> Patty
Rita -> Estelle
Judith -> Rita

Karol and Judith (Yuri and Patty) come across Flynn in the streets. Yuri (as Karol) greets Flynn as usual. Flynn confused. “nanoja?”
Rita (as Estelle) gets rowdy trying to haggle a merchant. Almost blows him up when Flynn stops her. “Shut up, get lost! Shoo, shoo!” Flynn shocked. “Estellize-sama told me shoo, shoo… no way…!” Tries to convince himself he’s having a nightmare. Rita tries to use Estelle’s speech patterns, with a lot of extra desu-desu, to get Flynn to move on. Flynn ends up running off (as ordered), still traumatized.

Flynn comes across Yuri (who’s actually Raven…), thinks he found just the right guy to blow some steam off after his experience with “Estelle”, thinking Yuri’s a bad influence. Yuri/Raven is super drunk. Tries to get “Flynn-chan” to join him, but Flynn’s on-duty. Karol (as Raven) comes in crying about guild troubles.

Flynn rants off to Yuri (Raven), who falls asleep in the middle of it. Yuri (Raven) tries to get Flynn to join for drinks again. Girls at the bar beckon Yuri (Raven), who’s all “aw yeah, my hair’s so nice and all! Hahahahaaha”. Flynn escapes in confusion. Pinches himself and finally admits it’s reality.

Patty (Judith) and Rita (Estelle) end up getting hired at a neko-mimi cafe o_o;

Judith (Patty) clings onto Karol (Yuri) as they end up as bodyguards for a job and get all sorts of weird attention. Some thugs try to yoink cutlery from their client. Karol (Yuri) steps in. Realizes he doesn’t have his weapon and starts looking into Karol’s bag. There’s a kendama, a partially eaten piece of bread, socks… Repede steps in just in time. Karol borrows Repede’s dagger to do some SOUHAJIN.
Karol (Yuri) cleans up and spreads Karol’s and Brave Vesperia’s name, but also calls out that the swords the merchant is selling aren’t from the Knights as the merchant claims. Leaves the scene as cool as always.

After recovering from the body switch, Yuri complains about the hangover. He and Estelle come across Flynn (traumatized).
Estelle fixes the trauma.
Karol and Rita get chased around town. Rita has fans who love her neko-mimi personality….

4. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 83 Limited
Flynn approaches Yuri with a request he specifically wants to request him–Trouble with bandits.
Flynn needs to take over a cake shop for the mission… and he needs Yuri’s help for it, as someone skilled with desserts.
Flynn tries to recommend adding salt to the baking chef’s cake, or adding green peppers as lavish…

Raven and Judith go cake shopping together for a guild request to buy a cake for someone’s daughter.
Karol (with Rita) misunderstands Yuri’s situation and thinks Yuri’s quitting the guild to start a cake shop with the knights because of Karol’s incompetency as a boss.

The cake shop owner hires one more to the shop since they’re getting busier… it’s Patty.
Patty adds… tuna to her cake, and Flynn likes it of course.
Estelle looks for a cat for a request.
Anyway, they finally get a lead to the bandits, so the trio infiltrate with a cake delivery.
As they have the bandit cornered, Estelle happens to drop by in her search for the cat. Bandit tries to take her hostage, makes everyone drop their weapons and step back.
Estelle “Is this a bad guy?”
Flynn fills her in on the situation. Estelle pikohans the bandit.

Cake shop owner will always welcome Yuri to join if his guild gig ever dries up. :3

Rita seiyuu compliments Estelle seiyuu’s big brain play in asking for a island resort vacation, recorded and edited into DVD as an extra for fans who get the Talesring V CDs lol

5. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 84 Limited
Vesperia budget is in the red (again). Karol runs an audit on their expenses.
Turns out Raven has been spending them on lewd things (again).
Estelle also got scammed into buying two of the same useless potato processor things… XD
Patty spends a lot on fishing lures. She doesn’t catch fish with them, and ends up buying them from the fishermen.
Judith buys expensive sun tan cream.
Repede gets extra toppings for his dog food.
Karol buys… things to get taller.
Everyone is expected to not spend on unnecessary things and be transparent about what they’re buying going forward.
Flynn is on the lookout for a scamming circle involving sham investments, and Karol freaks out a bit since he just did an investment, but turns out his investment wasn’t part of the scam. Karol (and Patty) manage to get a big return for the guild funds. Karol goes on full rich snob mode and almost gets a bronze statue of himself made to tout his money.
Another dude gets Karol’s money to invest in an “Eggbear cafe” and all of a sudden, all of the money is gone. Flynn comes in again with a picture of the leader of the scam circle… and Karol realizes he’s done the wrong thing.
Flynn + Brave Vesperia join up to take down the scam circle themselves.~ When the boss is cornered, he tries to bribe himself out of the situation. Karol finishes him off personally.
Yuri confesses in the end that he did some unnecessary spending as well, with an ancient sword training book.
Instead of going back into rich snob mode, Brave Vesperia gives the money to the daycare that Estelle is doing a request for, who needed the money for repairs.

6. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 85 Limited
7. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 86 Limited
8. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 87 Limited
9. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 88 Limited
10. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 89 Limited
11. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 90 Limited
12. テイルズリング・ヴェスペリア Comic Market 91 Limited

25th February
written by Splash

10 Count
Release Date: 2014/12/18

When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition? (Source: Canis Major Scanlations)



潔癖症の社長秘書 ・ 城谷は偶然出会ったカウンセラーの黒瀬から

10項目を1つずつクリアする療法を進めるうちに、次第に黒瀬に惹かれていく城谷だが …… ?

黒瀬陸: Maeno Tomoaki 野智昭
城谷忠臣: Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介
三上: Fukushima Jun 福島潤
倉本: Chiba Ishii 千葉一伸
医師: Koji Takeda 武田幸史
城谷の父: Daiki Hamano 濱野大輝
少年城谷: Yoshida Asami 吉田麻実
ウェイトレス: 中田沙奈枝

1. 前野智昭x立花慎之介
Maeno Tomoaki x Tachibana Shinnosuke

H Rate:

21st October
written by Splash

Meshiagare Ai wo
Release Date: 2012/05/30
Listened: 10/2013


俊成春文: Okitsu Kazuyuki 興津和幸
笹川博: Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
安永: Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介

Okitsu Kazuyuki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Manga/Novel: Manga
Author: Kinoshita Keiko (木下けい子)
Company: Shinshokan (新書館)

H Rate:
Blab: It feels awkward Tattsun using desu masu speech pattern for this chara in meshiagare, even in the karami scene… XD;;
「正直に言いますと、ソファーはなるべくやめてほしいです。体が辛いので… …でもどうしてもという場合は…構いません。私も、あなたとその…したいですから」 ← tte www

24th April
written by Splash

Kimi ga Suki datta
凪良ゆう, 宝井 理人
Nagira Yuu (novel), Takarai Rihito (art)

Rate: 6/10
H Rate: 8/10
Blab: Yep, another one for Takarai Rihito’s art. For the heft price of the book (1400 yen) I was expecting more… But it’s actually a bit sparse on illustrations, and there’s a lot of filler-like dialogue especially in the second half. Don’t really agree with the single AmazonJP review I read that says the 2nd half is easier to read and more interesting. I didn’t find the drama in general all that interesting.

Seme = Takara
Uke = Mayama (Maya-chan-senpai)
3rd Wheel = Suwa

The first half focuses completely on the love triangle, and at least here I match up with that reviewer. At the end of it all, my response was “Ehh…” I felt for the main couple. It’s just the 3rd wheel in the pairing was SO unlikeable, it didn’t settle well with me.

The bottom-line for this book is that the uke was honestly a bit dimwitted to stay in such an unhealthy relationship all through those highschool days. Don’t really care that he was still young, his judgment was clouded, whatever. It was still pretty… modokashii.

In the second half, the 3rd wheel comes back and as predicted, tries to hook up again with uke. It panned out like I predicted as well, and 3rd wheel tries to redeem himself, knowing that uke is with seme, and acknowledging that seme is better for uke… even with the possibility of seme getting into an arranged marriage. And of course even the arranged marriage is all a misunderstanding. Mehhh.

So yeah, lots of predictable happenings. I say the book is worth about half the price. I wonder if the price was jacked up because of the pretty cover and fancy binding. But imo the binding sucks, you can’t even open the book properly because of the way it’s binded.

At least the H scenes were kind of nice XD;;


16th April
written by Splash

Yandere BLack ~Shinsei Gakuen Geino Kareshi Hen~
Released: 04/05/2013
Listened: 4/15/2013



しかも、誉はまだ光祥と別れてないと言い出して ――


今カレ 秋月叶汰 : 野島裕史 Nojima Hirofumi
主人公 深谷光祥 : 逢坂良太 Ohsaka Ryouta
元カレ 北折誉 : 樋口智透 Higuchi Tomoyuki

野島裕史 x 逢坂良太
Nojima Hirofumi x Ohsaka Ryouta
樋口智透 x 逢坂良太
Higuchi Tomoyuki x Ohsaka Ryouta

Manga/Novel:Original Drama cd

H Rate:
Blab: Nice BGM~

28th March
written by Splash

500nen no Itonami
Release Date:2013/02/27
Listened: 3/26/2013

寅雄を好きだと言い、優しく側にいてくれるが、恋人よりも出来の悪い『3割減のアンドロイド』で………。< Cast: 山田寅雄:Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央 ヒカルB:Ono Yuuki 小野友樹 Pairing: Ono Yuuki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa 小野友樹×鈴木達央 Manga/Novel: Manga Mangaka/Author Name: Yamanaka Hiko (山中ヒコ) Company :Fifth Avenue Rate: 7 H Rate: N/A Blab: Maybe the drama CD was too short for all the time jump it covered, or I was just never convinced about the entire android thing, but I didn't get too attached to the "couple". Great acting nonetheless though. :3 The free talk about coming up with something that lets you eat without having a care for gaining weight is really interesting though. w And Tattsun's ambition to go beyond the galaxy... ginga wo koeru tte????? ya...

28th March
written by Splash

Bara no Hanabira
Release Date:2013/03/27
Listened: 3/27/2013


嵐谷真次:野島裕史 Nojima Hirofumi
保坂:遊佐浩二 Yusa Kouji

Yusa Kouji x Nojima Hirofumi

Manga/Novel: Manga
Mangaka/Author Name: Konjiki Luna (紺色ルナ)
Company: e- fifth

Rate: 8
H Rate: 7. Tasteful H, just that it fades out before the *ahem*
Blab: The story starts off a little rough on purpose but it turns out to be really sweet.

Like they said in the freetalk, there weren’t any outbursts of noisy drama anywhere, which makes it a nice piece to listen to at night while just lying around on bed… which is exactly what I did. So I laughed when I heard it on the freetalk. XD;

Also had personal feels while listening to this one because it’s an office setting, and we’re working on an office game at work…

28th January
written by Splash

Koi Wakusei e Youkoso
Release Date: 2013/01/25


野島裕史: Nojima Hirofumi
吉野裕行 : Yoshino Hiroyuki

Nojima Hirofumi x Yoshino Hiroyuki
野島裕史 x 吉野裕行

Original Work: Novel
Author: Sunahara Touko (砂原糖子)
Illustration: Minamino Mashiro (南野ましろ)
Company: Fifth Avenue

Rate: 8/10
H Rate: 9/10 <- hngg for every wrong reason (but honestly they could've gone even more all out on the tentacles LOL.) Blab: All of the plot points are 100% cliche (ex: trollying into a love hotel because the stranger claims there's a fun karaoke inside, lolol) But omg tentacles BL with THESE seiyuu. ^q^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; *runs around* I had FUN listening to it at least.