7th October
written by Splash

I’ve had this blog for over 3 years now, without the intention of opening it up to search engines since:
1. I didn’t have much to talk about except BL drama I’d listened to, and I didn’t care to have any comments on it… XD;;
2. Talk of adult material, I guess I just didn’t sit too well with it being thrown out there while I was still schooling, even at college level. But I’m done with school now, I hope.

Since I’ve been reading more BL novels now, which give me a lot more to say… I’ll let myself open to the search engines. Even though I’m not like most of the other fujoshi blogs who will consistently update. Like currently, I’m pretty much only stalking anything Takarai Rihito is involved with. /shy I do have a few other novels/manga of writers/artists I have little to no experience with, which I will slowly explore.

But yeah… might as well open it up to the search engines now.
There’s still no actual full structure to this blog, and I’ll blab when I feel like it like usual.~
Who knows, maybe a kindred spirit will stumble upon this blog and we’ll get to gush about our shared interests together. /no1

For the record, only a low 3k hits without the search engine. xD;

22nd June
written by Splash

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