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28th September
written by Splash

One way no Kagi
Release Date: 2011/09/28


Sugiyama Noriaki 杉山紀彰
Nojima Hirofumi 野島裕史
Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉

1. 杉山紀彰×野島裕史
Sugiyama Noriaki x Nojima Hirofumi
2. 鈴木達央×羽多野渉
Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Hatano Wataru

Manga/Novel: Manga
Author: Umematsu Machie (梅松町江)
Company: FIFTH Avenue

Rate: 9/10
H Rate: 8/10
Blab: Fff one of the better ones I’ve heard lately. First there was nothing to really set me off (lately I’ve been feeling chemistry OCCASIONALLY only to have it ruined by the character smoking or shit >_>). And no outward “normal” plot to turn the CDs into filler, just pure relationship goodness. So yes, there were actual characterizations and good personal talks. and kotobazeme.

AND THE CAST, mmth. /love

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