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29th June
written by Splash

Honenuki ni Saretai
Release Date: 2008/07/30
Listened: 6/29/2010

Summary :
可愛いペット。篤志は、愛のお弁当付で、Hも上手v そんな蜜月主従関係に「おあずけ」が

Salaryman Hoshina has been sharing an apartment and bed with model Atsushi. Atsushi cooks, cleans, and remembers every anniversary, but Hoshina can’t figure out why they are in this “type” of relationship. When Hoshina’s younger brother moves in for a while, and the boys must endure until he’s gone, will Hoshina even care? Will this time of separation be the turning point in their relationship? And which boy will be the one screaming, “Once is not enough”? (from Mangaupdates)

Hoshina Mahiro 保科真宏 : Morikawa Toshiyuki 森川智之
Kamikura Atsushi 神倉篤史 : Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
Hoshina Masaki 保科真咲 : Taniyama Kishou 谷山紀章 …and more

1. 鳥海浩輔 x 森川智之
Toriumi Kousuke x Morikawa Toshiyuki

Rate: 6/10
H Rate: 6/10
Blab: Kind of cute? With the whole Toriumi conceptualized as a pet dog bit especially. Mostly a pointless drama overall though. XD; Story felt too much like Junjou Romantica, just with a salaryman/model instead of a novel writer/student. I really liked the art for the cover though, so I guess the manga would be pretty hot.