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17th September
written by Splash

Title, Original Japanese: くいもの処 明楽
Title, Romanji: Kuimono Dokoro Akira
Release: 09/26/2007
Listened: 10/2007 (9/2009)

1. 野島裕史 x 中井和哉
Nojima Hirofumi x Nakai Kazuya


Blab: Unique personalities~ Nakai Kazuya and Noji-nii both sound so awesome in this drama. XD~
Good supporting cast~


6th September
written by Splash

Title, Original Japanese: 花嫁は開発室長
Title, Romanji: Hanayome wa Kaihatsu Shitsucho
Released: 2006/5/26
Listened: 9/6/09

1. 中井和哉 x 福山潤
Nakai Kazuya x Fukuyama Jun

Rate: 3/10
Blab: Hmmm >___>; I managed to finish this just because I like JunJun and Nakapan’s voices that much. The story was not half bad, and JunJun had a good “basic human morals” speech for the plotz, but the characters themselves were reallllllllllllllllllllllllly… ugh. Basically Nakaya was a normal, mellow person everywhere else except when it came to JunJun, where he would pretty much snap and rape JunJun at any chance he got .____.;;;
It was like Nakaya’s character had a double personality and it was never explained, and then JunJun’s character would hate getting raped, yet still treat Nakaya like a normal human being just because of their situation, with no inner monologue to really explain why the hell he does any of it. Even if it was for her sister, I wouldn’t be very calm after getting locked in a bird cage overnight and getting raped -.-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Plus there was no mention of what the hell happened to that useless sister at the end.

I’m sure the novel’s better, right >_>; I still have no interest in reading it if all the seme’s going to do is rape. In the end, there were only hints of heartfelt affection, but they were still overly tainted with all the raping in my mind. Ugh.