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28th March
written by Splash

500nen no Itonami
Release Date:2013/02/27
Listened: 3/26/2013

寅雄を好きだと言い、優しく側にいてくれるが、恋人よりも出来の悪い『3割減のアンドロイド』で………。< Cast: 山田寅雄:Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央 ヒカルB:Ono Yuuki 小野友樹 Pairing: Ono Yuuki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa 小野友樹×鈴木達央 Manga/Novel: Manga Mangaka/Author Name: Yamanaka Hiko (山中ヒコ) Company :Fifth Avenue Rate: 7 H Rate: N/A Blab: Maybe the drama CD was too short for all the time jump it covered, or I was just never convinced about the entire android thing, but I didn't get too attached to the "couple". Great acting nonetheless though. :3 The free talk about coming up with something that lets you eat without having a care for gaining weight is really interesting though. w And Tattsun's ambition to go beyond the galaxy... ginga wo koeru tte????? ya...

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