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29th August
written by Splash

Title, Original Japanese: ヒミツの新薬実験中!
Title, Romanji: Himitsu no Shinyaku Jikkenchuu!
Released: 06/25/2008
Listened: 8/2008?

1. 成田剣 x 野島裕史
Narita Ken x Nojima Hirofumi


Rate: 8/10
H Rate: 10/10
Blab: Definitely lacked character development and the plot was just silllllly, but the fanservice was all I was looking for anyway. /drool2
Noji-nii’s osakaben was quite a surprise for me! /lol I enjoyed it quite a bit once I got used to it. And his voice was verrrrry good in this one. Got to hear lots of his uke cries /no1

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