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5th October
written by Splash

Hana nomi zo shiru
宝井 理人 (イラスト)
3 volumes, complete

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

Rate: 9
Arikawa Youichi x Misaki Shouta, third year college students. One in law school, the other studying botany.
If you want something just simple and sweet with amazing art, this hits the spot.

This is one I’m sure to re-read in years from now and fall in love with once again~

*spoilers from here on*

The “third man” shows up in volume 2, and the conflict is resolved in the middle of volume 3. I wonder if it’s a pattern to have a third man in a 3-volume piece. /hmm

Despite the third man presence, volume 3 is practically all fluff /love

I was also a little “XD” at them still calling each other by last name in their post-graduate epilogue.
It wasn’t until pretty far into volume 3 when I finally realized Arikawa reminds me of Hinase from Shinigami to Shoujo, although they’re still different enough for me to keep apart. Thankfully XD

I LOL’ed at the gag on the back cover of volume 2. It makes me remember Takarai-sensei’s “MONSTER HUNTER” shoutouts on her Twitter XD; The soul of the gamer!!

There’s a whole classic “I shouldn’t love another man” conflict, yet I was still a little surprised at Misaki outright admitting things would be easier on him if he’d just been born a woman. Luckily, they hardly dwell on the gender issues for long and keep the focus simply on loveeeee.

Anyway, I was flailing around giving this just an 8, but when I think about the title and the meaning to the work, I can’t help but feel touched. “Only the flowers know.” Only the flowers know when they first fell in love.

Note to self: 「花のみやこで・前編」 センターカラー/38P spinoff! XD
Serialization to Tankouban comparison 1 | 2

*edit* I bought the tankouban for Hana no Miyako de so I’ll just roll it into here. Forever love for Takarai-sensei’s works. The themes are simple, but I just feel so fuwafuwa from her art. ^q^;;;; I guess… simplicity at its best.

Drama CDs:
Hana nomi zo shiru
崎詔太 : 武内健 Takeuchi Ken
有川洋一 : 小野友樹 Ono Yuki
川端聡、男子学生B、会社員 : 興津和幸 Okitsu Kazuyuki
辻村基晴、電車アナウンスB、タクシー運転手 : 堀内賢雄 Horiuchi Kenyuu
池島、電車アナウンスA : 渡辺拓海 Watanabe Takumi
藤森、御崎の祖父、TV音声 : 西嶋陽一 Nishijima Youichi
か なみ : 七瀬亜深 Nanase Ami
福井、花屋の店員 : 藤本教子 Fujimoto Noriko
男子学生A : 高橋信 Takahashi Shin

Ono Yuuki x Takeuchi Ken

Hana no Miyako de
蓮見晶 : 野島裕史 Nojima Hirofumi
辻村基晴 : 日野聡 Hino Satoshi (Young Version)
御崎詔太 : 武内健 Takeuchi Ken
有川洋一 : 小野友樹 Ono Yuuki
辻村基晴 : 堀内賢雄 Horiuchi Kenyuu (Senior Version)

1. Hino Satoshi x Nojima Hirofumi

2. Ono Yuuki x Takeuchi Ken

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