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3rd October
written by Splash

Nise Ouji Pina
大鳥 香弥 (著), 宝井 理人 (イラスト)


Rate: 8/10
Blab: Yet another book grabbed because of Takarai Rihito’s art.
Simple names to work with in this novel, Pina (covering for Pearl Ouji) and Asuran. Pina is an orphan who had been living off trash, and by sheer coincidence ends up becoming the Prince’s double when another kingdom attacks. In order to survive, he has to become Asuran’s slave, yet everyone still assumes Pina was once the real Prince. And part of being a slave requires sleeping with the master once a week. Complicated feelings ensue, waii \o/
The cliche setups aren’t really getting to me, and Takarai has had more interesting illustrations in other novels, but I’m enjoying what I can out of the novel anyway. xD In fact, this is the first one I’ve read outside of a normal modern-day Japanese setting, if I don’t count visual novel games such as Lamento and such. o.O;

The book almost spends more time just delving into the uke’s mind as events turn about him than the actual relationship development. Fortunately, I really like this particular uke, so I could read through it all and I could sympathize. It kind of had to happen, seeing as the seme kept going in and out of the picture every other page. Busy busy man… |D…

I totally lol’ed when Jeek barged in and told Pina that the whole “sleeping with the master once a week” thing was “optional”.
And that ending was the fluffiest I’ve ever read so far. XD At least I was in the mood for it. /love
The H, while hot, wasn’t as thorough as I wanted it to be, even with the scene where the uke was on drugs. But still hot. xD

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