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22nd October
written by Splash

Doko ni demo aru Koi no Hanashi
柊平 ハルモ (著), 宝井 理人 (イラスト)


Rate: 9/10
Blab: Yet ANOTHER book I picked out solely for Takarai Rihito’s art. The summary could hardly tell me whether I was going to like this or not, so I took a big leap of faith with an unfamiliar writer. Was not disappointed. :D
Apparently the author had been on a hiatus for some time and this was her first in a few years and even longer for a one-volume?

When I started reading, I kind of wanted to picture voices in my mind to go with them. I settled with Kondou Takashi’s iyashi-kei for Hiyoshi Keita and Mizushima Takahiro for Miyagi Shuuya. But as I read on, I realized I was having a hard time REMEMBERING to put my voice choices to the characters, which wasn’t a bad thing really. xD;

There is sexual material with cousins involved (not the main pair), so if you’re squicky about it even for fictional work, avoid? Seriously, I really liked the characters in this books’ ideal of “love”, so this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a beautifully portrayed love. I really, deeply felt for it.

H scenes for the OTP are also tastefully saved for the two-part epilogue :D

If I DO have any criticisms, it was that this writer is REALLY repetitive in getting her characterization points across. She’ll write out like 3 different ways during the same conversation how the main character is confused about something in his mind, so literally it’ll sometimes be 3 or 4 pages before a conversation moves onto the next line. I kind of laughed about it at certain points. And honestly just skipped some paragraphs altogether.

On that end, while I appreciate the focus on characterization rather than just plotplotplot, it still felt kind of filler-ish, and those pages and time spent reading them could’ve been used more effectively. XD But you can’t win them all. I’d rather they be about characterization than a sideways plot anyway. This book was still very much worthwhile and full of love. God, why aren’t there more men as loving as these guys in real life /love


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