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6th May
written by Splash

Otonaki Sekai
by 杉原 理生 (著), 宝井 理人 (イラスト)

Rate: 7/10
Blab: An awful lot of general storytelling about the characters in their careers as freelance film directors/photographers which honestly didn’t interest me much. My eyes scanned through and found all the parts pertaining to the development of the pair itself XD;
Also, there was zero meaning to having the seme smoke. All he did was pop it out on occasion and ruin the atmosphere unless I ignored it altogether, and since I was already doing that with other parts of the book, I was able to do that. I just wish that part just hadn’t been part of the setting in the first place /hmm
The H was kind of hot~ Most of the BL novels I’ve read are extremely light in H content (and I’m fine with it that way), but I liked the slight daringness this piece has and I would’ve been fine seeing it go even deeper. XD

The book is divided into two parts, and the first part ends with the seme’s commitment while the second half ends with the uke’s. The age gap was moe. The basic personality differences between the two was also moe. The first half was considerably more interesting to me than the second half, especially since the second half gets into long flashbacks about alcohol abuse and domestic violence from the uke’s father, blahblahblah. That was on top of the usual career talk I didn’t have interest in. XD;

But at least Takarai Rihito’s art makes it totally worth it /love

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