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6th May
written by Splash

Nemuru Usagi
by 木原 音瀬 (著), 車折 まゆ (イラスト)
Release Date: 2009/4/15
Read: 4/2011

Rate: 7/10
Blab: Random pickup for Konohara Narise since the summary interested me. I was a bit surprised the actual novel is smaller than my usual BL books, but there’s still plenty of material in it to read. In fact I haven’t even read the one shot that was added to the back of the book… ^^;
My interest in the couple waned off towards the end and I only brushed through the parts about coming out to the parents. But the first 2/3 of the book was pretty good. A few things irked me here and there, like the girl in the story who seemed double-personality to me >_> (at least she disappears from the story altogether relatively quickly), but the all-important male x male bonding was great on my heart >w< ~ The art is REALLY not my style but I still appreciated it.

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