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30th January
written by Splash

Inu mo Arukeba series 3 Inu wa Yumemite Koi wo suru
犬も歩けば恋をする 3 犬は夢見て恋をする
Released: 01/28/2011
Listened: 2/1/11

1. 平川大輔 x 下野紘
Hirakawa Daisuke x Shimono Hiro
2. Chiba Isshin x Oda Hisafumi

Rate: 6/10
H Rate: 9/10. Mm the H in the 1st part of this series was really intense, and so was this. xD;
Blab: At this point, I listen to this series for Hirotan pron in combination with kimoiiiiiiiiii ecchi-type Hirakawa. I kind of giggle to myself hearing Hirotan say he was so happy to hear about doing more of this series. He’s enjoying himself in this role? 8D;;;; /ok

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