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28th January
written by Splash

Barairo no Jinsei
Release Date: 01/26/2011
Listened: 1/29/2011


百田保男(モモ) : Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野裕行
浜渦 論(ロン): Maeno Tomoaki 前野智昭
木村松治: Nomura Kenji 乃村健次
浜渦眞迩: Kousaka Atsushi 髙坂篤志

1. 吉野裕行×前野智昭
Yoshino Hiroyuki x Maeno Tomoaki

Rate: 8/10
H Rate: N/A. There were scenes, but like in just about all of Konohara Narise’s works, they don’t last long and aren’t the main focus of the story whatsoever.
Blab: Otsukare, Yocchin /kis I read the earlier parts of the novel before this CD and had just started getting into the flashback when I had stopped reading XD;
I loved the acting in this drama. No problems with that, I’d give it closer to a 10 solely for that. But the story itself I was hoping would focus directly more on the relationship instead of that drug dealer chase. The Konohara Narise works I fell in love with definitely have more direct focus on the relationships. Nonetheless, it spills of her beautiful characterizations and is worth the listen any day. /love

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