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29th September
written by Splash

Koi wo Shiru Hi
Release Date: 09/24/2010


鳴瀬雅臣: Majima Junji 間島淳司
滝川雪哉: Nojima Kenji 野島健児
大田国彦: Hamada Kenji 浜田賢二

Majima Junji x Nojima Kenji

Rate: 8/10
H Rate: 6/10. Wasn’t much involved but that’s okay XD
Blab: Yus for typical “woke up in the morning next to another guy and I don’t remember why” setup!
I think if it’d been a full length 2-CDer and gone and developed the characters more, I’d REALLY really like this CD and pair. It had a few of the Konohara Narise-grade vibes in terms of novel-to-CD, but it missed out in the all-important beginning to middle section in terms of character development, which made the climax seem kind of abrupt. Could’ve been worse for sure though. XD;
But it makes me wonder if they cut out a bunch of stuff from the novel in order to fit into one CD /hmm
Still cute and worth listening to at least~
Some good stuff from both voices in this piece~ maji duo! /lol

Majima’s first seme?!?!?!?! I guess I found his uke but I definitely don’t remember it.~ Will have to retrack later~

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