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25th June
written by Splash

Kanben Shitekure
Release Date: 2008/07/30

Summary: アパレル系ブランドショップに勤務する高橋慎一は、浮気癖のある男と拗れ、近くにいた男をあて馬にすることで別れ話を完遂する。

高橋慎一 : 近藤隆 Kondou Takashi
高橋義崇 : 鈴木達央 Suzuki Tatsuhisa
羽賀亮介 : 成田剣 Narita Ken

1. 鈴木達央 x 近藤隆
Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Kondou Takashi

Rate: 7/10
H Rate: 6/10
Blab: I need to get familiar with Kondou Takashi’s voice already. XD;
Suzuki’s uh… bit at the final kokuhaku caught me a bit off guard. XD; Wow. He was a pretty interesting personality throughout this whole piece though. Despite how thought out it was, imo it all came off rather abruptly in the end. Not the seiyuu-tachi’s fault at all, probably the original writing. Eh~ Kondou’s uke was a bit weird at the end too. XD

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