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20th June
written by Splash



武川秀一: 羽多野渉(Hatano Wataru)
和倉佑真: 鈴木達央 (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
水沢那智:武内健(Takeuchi Ken)
高井: 前野智昭(Maeno Tomoaki)
佑真の父: 鈴森勘司
山科: 間島淳司

Hatano Wataru x Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Rate: 8/10
H Rate: 7/10
Blab: I think if I were more towards this kind of development in general, I would love this drama to bits and pieces. But it was still all kind of namanurui to me. XD; And I got a bit picky about Suzuki-kun’s uke for this one; he makes a good shy guy, but I definitely prefer a more manly Suzuki. It really tired him out for the free talk too. XD poor guy.

I did nod happily at Hatano falling for Suzuki despite knowing what Suzuki’s father did to his family.

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