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8th April
written by Splash


Takahisa Tooru 高久透 : Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉
Fujishima Keishi 藤島啓志 : Nojima Hirofumi 野島裕史

Hatano Wataru x Nojima Hirofumi
羽多野渉 × 野島裕史

I read the novel before I listened to the CD for the first time in the BL genre.
Will be adding the Drama CD portion when it’s out. added!

Spoilers and R-18 discussion:
Lots of sex/psychological raping. :o A lot more than I expected. Wow. There’s um… a lot more sex in this book than I expected indeed. I HOPE THEY CD-DRAMATIZE IT ALL 8D
But I won’t be surprised if they cut out quite a lot of it. Because there’s a lot. XD Even though Konohara-sensei’s never extremely descriptive in her H scenes. I’m sure there are lots of books with lots more and described MUCH more graphically, but eh.

I was a bit saddened by the lack of illustrations to go with it. XD Also found it a bit odd that the artist’s style was so different? I kept wondering if it was because of the 6-year leap, but it still looked different to me. Mmm. Well, it happens with the time between the novels. I guess to make up for it, the pictures used in general for this last installment were all pretty impressionable.~

Rate: 9/10
H Rate: 9/10 – Purrrty intense, but a lot of it was close to rape, so that kind of edged me away a bit. XD But because of the sheer mental work it gave me, I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Blab: My heart, it clinggggggggggs. I was hoping for a happier ending (in the main chapter). Or even just a more conclusive one. It’s just one where you can tell where it’ll go, but it doesn’t actually give it to you. Which is tricky cool, but DAMN IT I want the fluff too. XD Well, there’s fluff in the extra chapers at the end, but nanka tarinai. A lot of the transitional scenario is skipped and then you jump back in… Which is okay. It’s just… The extra chapter for Utsukushii Koto was more fulfilling, and I had read that first, so maybe I’m just setting my standards too high, haha. To be frank and honest, there’s only so much that can be concluded without overstepping it, and I think Konohara-sensei did a good job with that.

I have a feeling that I’ll end up rating the drama CD a 10 just because of Noji-nii. This man never fails to make my heart sob in new ways. And I trust Waccha will do well in his role too.

And the Drama CD verdict is in…~~~

Rate: 10/10
H Rate: — Kind of not really giving a rate on the H for now, because while it’s certainly in there, it was by no means a real emphasis of the series. They were all kind of washed over. Yeah there were sound effects, but nothing really intense, and again not a main focus of the story.

I didn’t expect Waccha to use such a deep voice for Tooru’s old self. IT WORKS. It was good. The challenge points I was listening out for were the rage points when he turned Fujishima’s room inside out and the near-end scene when he finally begs Fujishima not to leave him. And goddd I’ll definitely be re-listening when I want something heart-wrenching.

I think they skipped out on the part where Fujishima spent the whole night cleaning out his room after Tooru tore it apart. Not a big deal, but it does sort of make me wonder where the rage scene really went afterwards, because that was a really intense moment I remember while I was reading the novel. Even after doing something so terrible (aside from the pseudo-rape XD), Fujishima is still so passive about it… heart-breaking… TwT

Something they did ADD into the drama version is more expression on Tooru’s part. The novel really left a lot of Tooru’s feelings unspoken during the final breakdown, and reading it, I REALLY had to dig to figure out what was going on in his mind before it made any sense to me. Konohara-sensei had hinted at it in a lot of scenes beforehand, but I had to make the connection myself. In the drama, he right out says it. ^^; ara. kantan ja nai~


Tooru, sore wa ai tte iun da yo~


  1. Nanya

    I like Cold Fever the best though and it’s because of this book I don’t think Hatano is the perfect choice for his role but his acting may prove me wrong (and hopefully it will). I think the ending is good as it is. Life is bittersweet and it’s great to find love when things go well and smooth but it’s even better to be able to find love amidst angst and agony.

  2. 12/04/2010

    Oh wow yeah I wonder about Hatano for this book, we’ll have to see in a couple months!! I’m fine with the cold/violent roles of him I can vaguely recall from the back of my mind though.
    I had a couple more tidbits at the very very end to read before I wrote up most of this, so actually I was pretty satisfied by that very very end XDDD

  3. Nanya

    I think the title has meaning too. They both fall into a cold sleep where they have a very sweet dream, one which sheds light to a life filled with pain and darkness. Yet like all dreams that must end, the two return to a reality that is fervorous and violent, that burns and aches like a fever, thus Cold sleep -> light -> fever.

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