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15th December
written by Splash

Title, Original Japanese: リロード
Title, Romanji: Reload
Released: 04/25/2008
Listened: 12/2009

1. 神谷浩史 x 小野大輔
Kamiya Hiroshi x Ono Daisuke


Rate: 7/10
H Rate: 6/10
Blab: Seme Kamiyan~ Not bad. Didn’t like OnoD’s uke as much though. XD; Mentally resistant uke, but his g-spot says differently, yup.
Of course there was the obligatory “uke gets sex drugged by thugs, seme comes to rescue uke, seme takes advantage of situation and does the DEED to get the drugs out of uke”. I’m totally irked by the cliche of those kind of situations but I honestly don’t mind at the same time. ._.;;;;;;;; I dunno. The H could’ve been better, ESPECIALLY for a rare switching of the roles.

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