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15th November
written by Splash

Title, Original Japanese: 犬も歩けば恋をする
Title, Romanji: Inu mo arukeba koi wo suru
Released: 2009/7/24
Listened: 11/13/09

1. 平川大輔 x 下野紘
Hirakawa Daisuke x Shimono Hiro
2. 中村悠一 x 岡本信彦
Nakamura Yuuichi x Okamoto Nobuhiko


Rate: 6/10
H Rate: 9/10
Blab: Hooooooolyy snikes Hirakawa Daisuke playing a hardcore pervert. XD; I think most of this rating is just for the scandalous H factor. Shimono’s ecstatic uke certainly just made it more H /swt Wow. I do honestly wish Shimono wouldn’t always sound like that during H scenes though, I’d like to hear him a little calmer sometimes :|

Sounds like Nakamura/Okamoto’s parts were just short side stories, no real heavy material there so I’ll pass tagging them for this.

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