Soul Doll - A crystal that holds the data/spirit of a Legendz.
"Reborn" - A phase spoken to summon a Legendz from its soul doll.
"Come Back!" - A phrase spoken to return a Legendz to its soul doll.
Talispod - A device used to summon Legendz and keep them when not in use.
Elemental Legion - A combination of three Legendz to form a creature of immense destructive power
Talisdam - Similar to a talispod but can hold three soul dolls, used to summon an Elemental Legion
Kizaou - Shu's nickname for Dino, literally means "snob king"
Nezuccho - Shu's nickname for Shiron's hamster form.
Waruccho - Shu's nickname for Ranshiin's hamster form.
Eldania - one of the continents populated by ancient Legendz, the namesake of this website.
Saga - a special summoner of Legendz, classified into elements. For example, Shu is the Kaze no Saga or Saga of Wind.
Shift Element - changing the element of the surrounding area in a Legendz battle in order to trap the opponent.
Hikari no Legendz - Legendz of light element
Yami no Legendz - Legendz of darkness element
Kaze no Legendz - Legendz of wind element
Tsuchi no Legendz - Legendz of earth element
Mizu no Legendz - Legendz of water element
Hi no Legendz - Legendz of fire element